It's Hip to Be Square

Artists Eric Schaeffer and Sarah Baptist present their Urban Landscape photographs and paintings in square format for this exhibition at Da Vinci Art Alliance. The square format provides a symmetry and brings its own particular beauty and precision to Eric and Sarah's artwork. The square, which Instagram has helped make so popular, supports the complexities and like shapes found and repeated in the urban landscape, such as the city block itself. Eric and Sarah both worked in this format prior to It’s Hip to Be Square and decided it would be a great building block for a collaborative exhibition.

Eric Schaeffer and Sarah Baptist both straddle the line of representation and abstraction in their work. Using shape, color and texture, they skillfully interpret and celebrate the world around them. Eric’s striking use of structure and light in his photographic works pairs well with Sarah's spontaneous approach to many of the same subjects with oil paint. The artwork of these two artists compliments each other and creates a wonderful interplay. Seeing their work side by side, presented in a square format, almost like small city blocks on the wall, will be of particularly strong impact.