Questioning Carbon

Questioning Carbon by Andrea Krupp with accompanying artists, Cynthia Baublitz and Becky Flax, documents an ongoing process of creative inquiry and learning. The exhibition maps the investigative pathways that began in 2019 when Andrea started to research Pennsylvania Anthracite coal. Themes that emerged from curating Seeing Coal, an historical-visual culture exhibition that was on view at the Library Company of Philadelphia from May-August, 2021 (If you missed it, see the immersive online exhibition

Through this research, Andrea found that the process of Anthracite coal is circular, disjointed, full of detours, dead-ends and surprises. Who knew that the glassy brilliant surface of anthracite would have such a hold on her imagination? It is a richly poetic and aesthetic material - ancient life matter transformed through time, heat and pressure into almost pure carbon. Carbon in the atmosphere has reached code-red levels. There are many reasons to give anthracite (and carbon) our attention, and Questioning Coal takes a closer look as to why.

Questioning Carbon open at Da Vinci Art Alliance in Gallery 2 on October 10th. The exhibition will be on view in the gallery by appointment, and as a recorded video tour on the Da Vinci Art Alliance website.