Sticks & Stones

In May 2020, while in the grips of a pandemic, business shutdowns, political divides and glaring racial injustices, Philadelphia also experienced the residual effects of a tornado, leaving fallen tree branches all over the streets and sidewalks for weeks. 

As Marcie Ziskind walked around the heated urban landscape, witnessing the emotional and physical wreckage of a broken city, her thoughts turned from the fallen branches surrounding her to the events of the last few months, and the words that so fiercely hurt us all. Sticks and Stones by Marcie Ziskind is the physical embodiment of the way words can hit you, pummel you, stick with you, and forever change your perspective. It is meant to reminds us that although they can hurt, words must be said to evoke thoughtful transformation. 

Sticks and Stones will be on view in Gallery 2 beginning November 3rd, and will be available as a video walkthrough shortly after. .

15% of all proceeds from this exhibit will be donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, a cause important to the artist.

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