Strength in Vulnerability

When the pandemic hit last year, Kit Donnelly found herself, like most people, facing extreme personal, community and global challenges. What emerged was this intensely personal and intimate body of work. To find some solace and order to her inner chaos, she closely examined and researched patterns and rhythms of nature along the shoreline. Living on the coast of New Jersey, Kit Donnelly finds images within nature that help clarify emotions brought on by the profound changes presented in life. Strength in Vulnerability honours the life that once was inside that battered oyster shell— paying homage to a once hardened and safe space that cracked and could no longer hold back the storm. With intimacy and vulnerability, Kit Donnelly gives hope to all those that dare expose themselves to love, and lets us know that we will be ok and that the world will take care of us.

“Upon reflection, this art became a discovery into my process of truth telling. It is about exploring what it means to walk about in this world with a vulnerable front. I have discovered the fortitude to face each day with a certain curiosity about my relationships, both with humanity and with the natural world.” — Kit Donnelly

Strength in Vulnerability will be on view in Gallery 1 at Da Vinci Art Alliance beginning April 22nd and will be available as a video walkthrough shortly after.

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