The Artful Saucer

The Artful Saucer explores the phenomenon of UFOs as they’ve engaged the American public over the last 75 years. Robert S. Hunter investigates extraterrestrial sightings using Digital Printmaking techniques that manipulate color, texture, size, placement, and transparency. Focusing on comparisons and contrasts, his series of prints explore the subject of “Flying Saucers’’ in a Pop Art and in a Neo Surreal context to illustrate unexplained encounters with mysterious objects and their cultural and psychological significance. The exhibition will be on view physically by- appointment March 11th - March 28th 2021 at Da Vinci Art Alliance and as a recorded video tour on the Da Vinci Art Alliance website.

Surveys show that nearly 50% of all Americans believe aliens have visited earth, and that percentage is increasing. For decades UFOs have permeated the minds of humankind, latching on to our fascination of all things unexplained and mysterious. Robert S. Hunter chooses UFOs as subjects that inspire surreal expressions of the divine and sublime, and presents them as evidence of their cultural significance.

“UFOs represent a cultural dream that transports us to the frontiers of our own imaginations.” 
—Robert S Hunter