Northern Latitudes

A trip to the Svalbard Archipelago, right above the Arctic Circle in May of 2019 created a lasting impression on artist, Pia De Girolamo. The rugged isolated expanse felt like a new planet to Pia, inspiring this series of paintings. So far north, the sun never set but merely dipped to just above the horizon where it shown weakly before it rose again. The changing light could transform the landscape from a blazing bright vision to a brooding, moody vista. 

 Upon her return to Philadelphia, Pia reviewed her sketches and photos. She found it easy to carry the images onto canvas. Processing the isolated landscapes through painting, it sunk in for Pia that the Anthropocene is fully upon us. “I hope that these paintings are a reminder to others that there is beauty and life and treasures on the top of the world that is worth saving. If we save it, we save ourselves.” – Pia De Girolamo.

Northern Latitudes will be exhibited at Atria Senior Living Center City until January 31st, 2022. Pia’s artwork will be on view in the Art Gallery on the 5th floor, which can be enjoyed by residents and staff.