The Buried Life

As part of the Da Vinci Fellowship Program, DVAA presents The Buried Life. The Buried Life features paintings from DVAA fellow Robert Zurer and Kimi Pryor. Sharing a love for mystery, the spiritual, and the psychological, these two artists search for meaning by exploring the unknown. The Buried Life borrows its name from a nineteenth century poem by Mathew Arnold.

"The Artist is Pontiff, connecting the present with the beyond ... a midwife for what wants to be revealed to the world." - Ernst Steiner.

Despite the small scale of the paintings in this collection, Zurer and Pryor articulate a sense of expansive pictorial space depicting a world ruled by turmoil, dreams, and memory. As these stories unfold, haunted figures manifest as vessels for the id to perform. Each and every character contains some distilled portion of one’s self. Perhaps via these characters, freed from logic and constructed in paint, we can achieve the necessary perspective to view our own buried lives.

Appropriately, painting in this way requires a deference towards impulse. Each painting is a journey to discover the spaces and characters buried somewhere beneath, or more accurately, beyond. Zurer and Pryor share this similar methodology, a call and response reflected in each newly painted mark. The meandering path that emerges from this process requires time and patience to follow. Ultimately a painting reveals itself, but the powers that make it happen remain a mystery.

The Buried Life will be on view in Gallery 2 at Da Vinci Art Alliance beginning June 27th  and will be available as a video walkthrough shortly after. 

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