The Rainbow Show

The Rainbow Show is a debut collaboration by 26 artists of Philadelphia CollageWorks. Each artist created small, monochromatic collages in appreciation of the spectrum as showcased in the rainbow. The hundreds of small works in this exhibition are hung by color: yellow, green, blue, purple, red, orange, brown, and black to create a glowing rainbow that surrounds the Da Vinci Art Alliance upstairs gallery. The diverse styles and techniques of the many artists involved are highlighted as they stand in ideological harmony in support of the Philadelphia LGBTQ community and of Black Lives Matter. 

Philadelphia CollageWorks aims to achieve an appreciation of collage as an important and strong art form. We encourage collage artists to express their individuality and to collaborate in addressing current art and social issues in a meaningful and creative way. Although this work was created during traumatic experiences of Covid-19, The Rainbow Show hopes to become a symbol of unity, hope and better things to come.

This exhibition, with a different concept, was originally scheduled for June 2020. Due to the Covid-19 shut down, the exhibition was postponed. However, the artists of Philadelphia CollageWorks continued to meet via ZOOM and started making small monochromatic works together. It was at that point the new concept for the show was born creating two to four collages per person, in each of the eight colors.